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Initiative "100 homes in Artsakh"

We are launching an important initiative in Artsakh and for Artsakh. This initiative will create quality life conditions for the war calamity survivors who never surrender, whose decision is unbeatable - continue living in Artsakh. The foundation will support the construction of a new settlement in Artsakh within the framework of the 100-homes project, as a result of which wooden houses will be built. 


The foundation will support the new settlement in Artsakh within the framework of the project "100-homes". As a result, 100 wooden houses will be built. 100 displaced big families who would wish to settle in eco-friendly timber houses would become the beneficiary of this project.


This residensial complex will be built in the outskirts of picturesque village of Dahrav. This will stimulate a new life in the village as well, making it more attractive for new settlers. 


We are hopeful that this project will become a source of encouragement for the people of Artsakh after surviving the recent disastrous war.At the same time, this project is a unique assurance that Artsakh is not left alone, so long as there is at least a single Armenian heart beating out there...


Together we will make Artsakh to live

05.06.2021 19:02


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